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ICS is a leader in Data Science and AI based service offerings. The combination of our SME’s, Engineers, Extensive homegrown IP, thorough knowledge of processes, tools and technologies provide us with a decisive advantage in solving our client’s most complex problems. Our engineers have helped numerous companies integrate with IBM Watson, Microsoft LUIS, and Amazon Lex, as well as build custom AI Engines with enhanced Deep Learning capabilities utilizing Google’s TensorFlow.

Machine Learning

ICS’s team of data scientist apply inhouse patented technologies to provide cutting edge solutions for our clients. We pursue industry-standard supervised and unsupervised machine learning methodologies.

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Our Expertise in Machine Learning

Feature Engineering

Predictive Modelling

Crowd Modelling

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is now considered the de-facto engine of Big Data analytics. Thanks to significant advancements of the hardware, the data, and the algorithm, it visibly outperforms some traditional machine learning methodologies in terms of time and accuracy. Especially, Deep Learning as backend methodology dramatically powers NLP applications.

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Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (“NLP”) has become a leading force behind the AI revolution. The textual data encompasses the absolute majority of the data, and its inherent business value is being generated by NLP. Most clients do not realize that they already have sufficient magnitude of their in-house textual data, and they fail to achieve the competitive edge involving NLP.

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Data Architecture

Data Architecture is considered the most critical part of the digitizing business. Using data effectively requires the right data architecture, built on a foundation of business requirements. We ensure you benefit from the latest advances while modernizing your existing IT estate towards a powerful and agile digital platform – industrializing where it counts, innovating where it makes the difference.


Data Integration & Management

OLAP and BI Data Modeling

Data Pre-Processing

ICS follows CRISP-DM Model (Cross Industry Standard Process for data mining) for executing data wrangling and munging. Our Speciality Includes Importing of data from structured and unstructured sources, Web scrapping of public data, image and text extractions, excel rows and columns. Also, we process Big Data’s data using the Hadoop Ecosystem, Apache Spark, RapidMiner and Cassandra.

Data Preprocessing is required because of the enormous unformatted real world data. The real-world data is mostly composed of

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Reporting & Dashboarding

It is a usual practice that companies construct models to align historical data and examine reasons behind past successes or failures to gain insight. Marketing, Finance, Sales and Operations typically relies on this kind of analysis majorly for management reporting.

ICS provides sophisticated reporting, dashboards and analytical tools for businesses to explore and interact with information.

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Our Expertise in Reporting and Dashboarding

Data Visualization – Organizing and arranging data for visual communication. It can be articulated in Time Series, Ranking, Part-to-whole, Deviation, Frequency Distribution, Nominal comparison, and Geospatial distribution. We provide visualization: