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Embracing the Power of the IoT

If 10 years ago someone told you that one day your refrigerator would be texting you to remind to buy milk, you’d probably tell them that they’re crazy. Well today, refrigerators, televisions, thermostats, washing machines, dryers, lights, and even the lock on your front door can be an IoT device, granting users the ability to control and monitor their homes like never before, all from any one of their smart devices. Digital Home Assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo are thriving as a hub for our newly interconnected lives, allowing users to manage their IoT devices, or even make the purchase, with a simple voice command.

Innovate, Integrate, Ignite: Your IoT Transformation Starts Here

With the advent of IoT, all of your devices can talk to one another. With just one command, you can let your house know that you’re leaving, be triggering an Away mode for your thermostat, turning off all the lights, and enabling your security system, but why stop there, why not also access your calendar, see where you’re going, and request transportation for you, as well?

IoT is undoubtedly the future, and ICS wants to help you be part of it. Our team of IoT experts can help find where your company fits into this exciting new ecosystem.

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