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Accelerating Development with DevOps Mastery

DevOps has been around since the days of the first server, but up until a few years ago DevOps was just a part of Systems Administration or Infrastructure Management. The change happened when companies started realizing that they needed better ways of managing software updates and releases for their web-based services.

After all, one misplaced semicolon, and a 4 am push to production could sink even the most reputable of companies. Thankfully, in today’s world, we have tools to handle all that.

Continuous code integration & deployment

With the advent of DevOps, we now have containerization to isolate and scale cloud-based services, detect errors in new releases, and rollback to previous versions as necessary, all to ensure that your software stays up, even after that 4 am misplaced semicolon. DevOps is great, but not every company is set up to take advantage of these new technologies.
Migrating your infrastructure can be scary, and moving to containers requires intimate knowledge of containerization platforms like Docker or Kubernetes, as well as hosting platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, to automate everything properly.
This is where ICS can help, with our team experts, we can come up with a plan to ensure that your migration into this new world of automation, is a smooth and pleasant one. With ICS you know longer need to cross your fingers every time you push a new release. No more 5 am wake up calls. Just relax and enjoy the efficiency and automation made possible by our award-winning DevOps team.

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