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Product Engineering

ICS specializes in working with software businesses and large enterprises through the complete Product Engineering Lifecycle

Corporate Customers

Build Software products for internal use, products for B2B and B2C, adding new functionality and managing costs.

Online Business

Online businesses relying on technology as a key enabler with web frontends and pseudo-dynamic product lines.

Innovative Product Engineering Solutions for Tomorrow's Challenges

Transform concept into a product; starting from building a working prototype up to full-featured product release, reduce burn-rate, get to market quickly and sustain the product development cycle. Maybe you already have a team, and all you’re missing is that one critical role for the project, that you just can’t seem to fill. Maybe a developer jumped ship 2 weeks before launch. Maybe you just don’t want to spend 2 months interviewing candidates, after the last guy barely made it 4 weeks. Whatever your reason, we have you covered. 

ICS consultants can be found in Fortune 500 companies all over the world, specializing in just about everything from managing IT to software development. Our resources are ready to join your team today!

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