ICS Global Soft


Development & Execution

ICS has been helping customers develop products in multiple industry verticals. Our staff has worked with incubators and startups, delivering products and solutions that our clients have been proud to call their own. With our extensive list of IT services, ICS is a one-stop-shop to take your product from a great idea to a tangible asset.

Startups Solutions

Great ideas are often seen as the most prudent component of a successful company, however a great idea will manifest into nothing, without the proper product planning. Even large companies, often put too little emphasis on product planning, yielding failed products, like Google Glass, or Facebook Home.

Here at ICS, we want to make sure that your product starts down the road to success on day 1. With over several years in the industry, our experts know what to plan for. We understand how things change when your product goes from 10 users to 10 million users, or when you make the move from a local audience to a global one. Let us help you to make sure that your product becomes more than just a great idea.

Support & Maintenance

Our service offerings don’t stop once your product hits the market. Our Support and Maintenance teams are always available to ensure that your product is always available. Our custom monitoring tools can detect any irregularities in your systems, and take action, whether it’s to reset a service, roll back a recent update, or scale your infrastructure for a spike in users, ICS is the technology partner you want, to make sure everything goes right.