ICS Global Soft

Mobile App Development


Android and iOS have become the de facto standard OS for mobile apps. Facebook open-sourced React Native. Ads and freemium models have become part of the ecosystem, and as a result of it all, you now have a wide array of options when it comes to building your perfect mobile app. Whether you know your mobile roadmap already, or you just know your business. ICS can help you turn that 5½ inch screen into something much, much, bigger.

Mobile Wearables


Mobile isn’t just mobile anymore. Now, with the adoption of smart watches, fitness trackers, and other wearable techs, there’s a whole new ecosystem out there, full of possibilities.
ICS has been at the forefront of wearables development and integration, helping companies connect nutrition plans, fitness trackers, and smart scales together to create innovative new ways to monitor and promote health and fitness.


Wearables such as smartwatches, can provide quick and easy access to your mobile app, without the smartphone. Give users the ability to execute common tasks by simpling speaking into their device, or tapping a button. Don’t worry, if you don’t think your app is smartwatch compatible. Our team is here to help you figure out exactly how to get those big features on that little screen.


Web Applications have come a long way, originally comprised of anaesthetic forms and endless pages, now elegant and efficient works of art requiring multiple disciplines to guarantee both an alluring design and an engaging user experience, as well as stable and extendable backend. ICS thrives in all of these aspects, having delivered countless feature-rich web applications to both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, alike.
Our teams have extensive experience with the latest frontend libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular, React, Foundation, Ink, and, of course, jQuery. Combine that with our award-winning language-agnostic backend team, proficient in Java, PHP, Python, Ruby/RoR, and NodeJS, and you have yourself a web application your users will thank you for.

Web Portal

Quick, easy and cost-effective Web Portal design and implementation Responsive Web Design Websites, blogs or emails developed to display beautifully on all platforms Landing Page Beautifully rendered, artistic pages with expansive or minimalistic approach

Web Services

Providing scalability, high performance and better modification control for client interfaces in Web and RESTful services

Latest Technology Utilizing modern Web technologies like HTML5, jQuery, CSS and more Beautiful Layout Aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic, easy on eyes, smooth scrolling bundles of joy.

Mobile Games

We can help you imagine, build, deploy, maintain and profit from your Game. “Game On!”


We have years of experience building 2D/3D games on all prevalent platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Game Portals We have built the entire ecosystem around games, including portals and merchandise like game based t-shirts, cups, dolls. Client and Customer Satisfaction We ensure that Games we build not only makes use of best-in-class technology but also exceeds expectations of both end-users and clients.

Cloud Gaming & Hosting

We not only create Cloud powered 2D/3D Games and enhance portals around them, we also have proven capabilities in cloud hosting with industry-level SLAs. In-App purchases and Ad networks We help our clients monetize on games with best ad networks and implementing ideas like freemium and in-app purchases. Social Media Integration With today’s hyper-social environment, our developed games have deep linking with top social websites for better user engagement.